This is the perfect DIY craft to do this summer, since everyone will be at the beach! On your next trip to the beach, make sure you collect some seashells to take home with you because you will need lots of seashells for this picture frame!

This makes a great addition to your beach home and will fit right in with your nautical theme. I can see this frame being in the foyer of a beach house with the waves crashing in the backyard!

If you don’t have enough seashells from the beach many arts and crafts stores sell seashells in big bags. However, the real seashells will make the frame look more authentic and rustic. I love the way shells age and their wear and tear make them look so antique and great against any light background. Try and gather different kinds of shells to make the frame look unique!


O  Picture Frame (Any size you like, but the bigger the frame, the easier it will be to glue the seashells. Make sure the frame is not silver, or metal. The shells will stick best to wood.)

O  Craft Glue

O  Paint Brush

O Seashells

O  Hammer and nails if you want to hang your picture on a wall


O  Paint the backs of the seashells with the craft glue and place the larger pieces on the frame first, then fill in with the smaller ones. Applying the craft glue to the shells with a paintbrush makes it easier to be precise on uneven contours.

O  Make sure all blank spaces are filled. Place the seashells in any pattern or design you want.

You’ll be done with this craft in no time and the only thing left to do is take a great picture to fill the frame with! This is the perfect craft to do over the summer because it fits in right with your beach trips. There are so many great crafts you can do with seashells and they make great home decorators as well!

Something about seashells brings me back to my childhood. I guess I remember collecting seashells on the beach when I was younger, and this craft is something great to do with kids as well as your girlfriends on the weekend. I love the way seashells add a summer feel to anything and this project is sure to make your home look a bit more summer like during the beach months!