My Favorite Little Onesie | CCR Brand

With Christmas already being this Thursday, I already have to catch up on my holiday shopping still.

Over the weekend the malls were complete madness, and Los Angeles to say the least was pretty chaotic.

If you still need to fit in your holiday shopping though, like I do, I would highly suggest just finishing it online, and getting express shipping.

byc1hvvcmaagrxc If you’re still un-decided on what to gift your loved one for the holidays, you can never go wrong with gifting a onesie. My favorite brand in particular is CCR Brand. Aside from onesies, they a few other favorite things of mine, such as mesh leggings, drop crotch pants, and even mens tank tops.


Here are a few of my favorite onesies to gift for the holiday:


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Fun Little Holiday Sugar Cookies With Nestle TollHouse | Nestle TollHouse

I hope you guys are ready to kick off your weekend.

This weekend, I am more excited then ever to get into the holiday spirit, with Christmas just right around the corner.

Making holiday cookies, has always been at the top of my list of my priorities during the holiday season.

I was super excited when Nestle Tollhouse announced that they had come out with their new Rolled and Ready Cookie Dough Sheets.


Instead of actually having to make your own cookie dough, these rolled and ready cookie dough sheets make it easy to just cookie cut out your shapes, and still the cookies in the oven!

Just tonight, I made sugar cookies and holiday hot chocolate.


My Childhood Dream | Lolli And Pops Candy Store

I know that you were one of those kids, that always use to take out that “one piece” of candy from your store aisle candy bin, because I know I always use to do that, even if that was technically considered “stealing”, but what did I know, I just loved candy, and that was pretty much all I cared about at age 6.

Not too long ago, I recently took a trip to the Glendale Galleria, and I got to have a little tour of my childhood dream candy store, called “Lolli And Pops“. If this store actually existed in Ohio, I would of been in this store every single day, at every hour of the day, and i’m not kidding…

From candy from around the world, to make your own candy sushi kits,  from your own in store milkshake, Lolli And Pops pretty much has every kind of candy, or sugar rush, you could dream of.

Not to mention, that they even have their own personal photo booth, as well as each room being organized by CANDY.

{ The jelly bean room, Candy from around the world room…}

Here are a few photos from my visit:

IMG_1712IMG_1697IMG_1699IMG_1695IMG_1661IMG_1667IMG_1668IMG_1662IMG_1670IMG_1672IMG_1689IMG_1671IMG_1691IMG_1681IMG_1752IMG_1746IMG_1736IMG_1705IMG_1735IMG_1753IMG_1750 CLICK HERE TO VISIT LOLLI AND POPS

He Or She Is Just Not That Into You | When To Walk Away

So, i’ve never done a post like this, but time, and time again, people keep requesting it, so… I thought, why not post about it.

What are my signs that I think when a guy or girl is welp, “just not that into you“.


More-so often as my friends get older, and as I get older, when you’re in your twenties, I guess that you could say, now is the time that you’ll be going on dates, more then you ever will in your entire life.

Maybe, that’s because when you’re in twenties, you don’t want to feel that sense of loneliness, or maybe you just always want that partnership, so that you guys can go to parties together, or friend gatherings, or different events, who knows.

Whatever the case may be, in my opinion, you should stay clear of these 5 signs when you just start to get to know someone. You want to pick up that red flag, before it picks you up.

1. He/Or She constantly is on their phone texting & calling whenever they are around you.

MAJOR NO. If he or she can’t pay attention to you at dinner, and doesn’t want to actually spend the valuable time with you, that is taking place, then he or she clearly isn’t worth your time. Your date should not be on their phone, because not only is that rude and disrespectful, even though we live in a generation that is glued to their phones during dinner time, but remember that when you’re with a significant other, time is everything, and you should be spending this time getting to know one another.

I learned this myself, the hard way.

2. He/Or She talks about their past relationships the majority of the time you guys are spending together.

DON’T GET ME WRONG, hearing about what went wrong in your partners last relationship, is more then likely something you may or may not want to hear, so you know how to find a solution to that problem, if you guys actually start becoming an item, but listen, when you CONSTANTLY hear your date talking about their ex, or their past relationship, more then likely, I hate to break the ice, but your date may be still attached to that person, one way or another. So, yes, it is good to talk about what went wrong in past relationships, but keep it short, and sweet, please, don’t ruin it for your date!

3. He/Or She wants to go through your phone and check you out on social media.

No! No! And NO! Great, hey, you can add each other as “friends” on Facebook, but when your date wants to look at your phone, more then likely they want to look “THROUGH YOUR PHONE”, and this is not okay. Clearly, if he or she wants to be added on all of your social media pages, and wants to look through your phone, your date is well, very, very insecure, and trust me,  this ends up ruining your relationship that you guys have in the long run. Whether it is something that happened in the past to your date, or something that happened currently, when he/or she is insecure in the beginning, this is a MAJOR RED FLAG, and you need to take all 10 or 20 steps back.

4. He/Or She wants you to always pay for things you guys do together

This can be thought in two ways, but remember that when you’re dating someone, you guys are forming a “partnership“, and the relationship should be about “being equal“, and “sharing“, and “taking turns“, because you guys love each other, and when you’re dating someone, you should overall want to become “one” in the end. That’s the reason why we date, obviously. So when you do activities together, remember that it should be a two way street. If he or she can’t afford the things that you would like to do together, come to a compromise, to do something that you guys can both afford, or do crafty things at home that don’t involve spending money, because that’s what relationships are all about, compromise.

5. He/Or She puts you down, and doesn’t support or encourage you

This is the one thing that I feel like most relationships now a days struggle with. If your potential partner even thinks about putting you down, and doesn’t support your career, or where you want to be life, now is the time to get away, and you better get away fast. I’ve had so many of my friends stick with guys who put them down, and make them feel worthless, and make them feel like they have to do what their partner says. This is NOT OKAY, and i’m dead serious, because this will lead to nothing, but danger in the long run. If you two really have love for each other, then your partner will not even think about saying things like this to you. Also, if your career is not supported through your relationship, problems will only occur down the road. So this is certainly something that you need to get away from, in the first place.

Living In A White Wonderland | Winter Home Inspiration

Christmas, is honestly one of my ultimate favorite holidays. 

Between the snow, spending time with loved ones, family, and friends, the whole month of December, kind of just gives you this warm, and welcoming feeling.

For the month of December, I wanted to decorate and re-create the interior of my apartment. I have yet to do so, but like any other girl in the world, I love drawing my home inspiration from Pinterest.

So I wanted to kind of share with you guys, what I felt was the perfect “winter wonderland” home interior look, if you will.

All of this inspiration came from Pinterest, obviously.

Living In A White Wonderland



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1b30a346223b465b36065edb2e5e7465 What inspires you to decorate your home this holiday season?

There Is No Party Like A Packed Party | Packed Party For The Holidays

I hope you guys are well, and having a great kick-off to your week.

I know with the holidays right around the corner, budgets can be a bit tight when you basically have to shop for everyone and anyone.

Even, if you live out of state, and you have to travel home for the holidays, you know that it can be quite expensive and pretty pricey when it comes to plane tickets.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

A few months back, I was introduced to a company called “Packed Party“. I loved their concept, and I loved the fact that you can buy something, with a lilttle bit of everything inside of it, and send it to your loved ones, or your best friend.

Personally, here are a few of my favorite packages:

You Pampered Thing, You You Pampered Thing You

THE Bridesmaid PP (1) The Bridesmaid Package


Happy Weekend | Helens Jewels

I hope you guys had a great Saturday so far!

 Um, it’s hard to believe it’s already Sunday, as I get older, I realize that the weekends kind of just fly by.

Friday, I was lucky enough to catch up on all of, if not, most of my emails, and yesterday, I just went out to dinner with one of my really good friends in L.A. to a great Mexican joint called “El Compadre“, on Sunset Blvd.

PS: You must try their steak fajitas, their to die for. Just Sayin!

Anyways, this past Thursday I was super estatic, and I mean ESTATIC because one of my favorite jewelry pieces that i’ve been waiting for came in the mail, and well… who doesn’t love when your gift that you’ve finally been waiting for comes in the mail?!

Since you’re more then likely wondering what it was that I ordered, i’ve been lately obsessing if not dying over this jewelry brand called “Helens Jewels“.

They have a variety of different jewelry options to chose from, and shop from, like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches and among a few other things, but I had ordered one of their bracelets and I was longing for it to arrive!


IMG_2201IMG_2204I’m wearing the “Mother Nature” bracelet.


I’ll Be On Outlier On Air Monday December 15th | Outlier On Air

I hope that you all are having a great weekend so far!

Since I started Chiffon Souffle, a lot of you have been emailing me with questions, and tweeting me with questions, on how I started the blog, and how it has become what it is today.

With that being said, I receive so many emails daily, that it’s semi-hard to keep up with every single email, but I really wanted to share with you guys on how I started blogging and how it has become what it is today, so i’ve partnered up with Utah podcast “Outlier On Air“, and I will be chatting about “all things blog-related“, this Monday, December 15th at 9:00 am pacific standard time.

I will be chatting with Ever Gonzalez.

Tune In

Screen-Shot-2013-12-04-at-1.35.34-PM1 TO TUNE INTO OUTLIER ON AIR CLICK HERE

The Perfect Little Holiday Gift | The Mason Cookie Jar Company

When it comes to gifting for the holidays, i’ll admit that I am not the best at this…{ Ha. Ha. }

Between realizing that the person you’re shopping for has just about everything, and still being able to stay in your “budget”, shopping for others can sure be a tricky thing.

I started shopping for my mom last week though, and when I realized that she pretty much has everything she could ever need, I then realized that she doesn’t really have anything that she can actually use.

So, about 2 weeks ago, I stumbled upon these ADORABLE mason jars that are filled with varieties of different cookie mixes that you can use literally just throw together, and bake within minutes.

These in particular are from “The Mason Cookie Jar Company“, they’ve been on QVC, and a bunch of other different tv stations, but I think that these are just fabulous, and the perfect gift to just give to a family or friend,  because lets just be honest, who doesn’t love cookies?!

These are my top favorite cookie mixes:

1. The Celebrate Cookie Mix


 2. Cranberry Chocolate Granola Mix


3. Chocolate Mint Candy Cane Mix

MJCC_ChocolateMintHoliday_HIRES__77033.1416486602.386.513 4. Triple Chocolate Cookie Mix

IMG_6972__06408.1404202002.1280.1280 5. Umpteen Jelly Bean Cookie Mix

jelly_bean_cat__61548.1404202033.386.513 6. Gluten Free Berries & Chocolate Cookie Mix

IMG_6979__72148.1404202003.386.513 I made the ‘Triple Chocolate Cookie Mix’ yesterday, and these are, and also a great gift!

Alepel Shoes | A Gift For Her For The Holidays

When it comes to getting a girl something for the holidays, believe me boys, we know that can be a tough one sometimes, especially if it’s your ‘girlfriend’, that you’re getting a gift for.

Honestly though, lets face it, every girl and every women loves and adores her shoes.

Check out these cute styles, that are my favorite styles from Alepel Shoes.

Here are some of my favorite styles from Alepel Shoes:

unnamedunnamed (1)unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)unnamed (4)unnamed (5)unnamed (6)unnamed (7) TO SHOP ALEPEL SHOES CLICK HERE


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